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matt frantz transport device cover

Transport Device (2011)

Sounds, rhythmic noise, and atmospheric constructions. Equipment used in relative proportion: Logic, electric guitar, Digitech effects processor, Kaossilator, software synths, electronic drums, turntable, keyboard, electric bass, e-bow, nylon string acoustic guitar*, fretless electric bass*, Lipps, Stylophone*, power drill, electric violin*, tuning fork*. *Indicates minimal presence or low probability of detection. This is an instrumental disc with 1 spoken word track. All audio, words, and art by Matt Frantz.


1. Activate [1:00] PLAY 30 SECOND SAMPLE

2. Programmed Collisions [1:31] PLAY 30 SECOND SAMPLE

3. Transfer of Energy and Matter [2:11] PLAY 30 SECOND SAMPLE

4. Illusion of Contact [1:40] PLAY 30 SECOND SAMPLE

5. Emergency Beacon [1:57] PLAY 30 SECOND SAMPLE

6. 1984 [1:27] PLAY 30 SECOND SAMPLE

7. Particle Accelerator [1:23] PLAY 30 SECOND SAMPLE

8. Ascension [2:46] PLAY 30 SECOND SAMPLE
Making use of the audio phenomenon known as a Shepard Tone.

9. Rotating Machinery [3:50] PLAY 30 SECOND SAMPLE


11. Stratosphere [7:24] PLAY 30 SECOND SAMPLE

12. One, Followed by a Million Zeros [4:15] FULL TRACK > RIGHT-CLICK FOR FREE DOWNLOAD
Words spoken by Gregg Margarite

One, Followed by a Million Zeros

Outside the window I could see a vast distance. The seemingly impossible number I perceived was 1, followed by a million zeros. What appeared to be an organic, randomly formed collection was in fact a symmetrical pattern that I was only seeing a small piece of. Moments after I became aware of the scale of the system, I felt a sharp pain in my eyes. It began in both eyes at once and traveled behind them to a spot the felt like the middle of my skull. The pain was unbearable and beyond any I had ever imagined possible. The pain lasted for a split second, then quickly became a warm, numbing sensation that expanded down and through my body until all feeling was gone, even from the tips of my fingers and toes. I could still move, or at least I think I could because when I tried to kick my legs around, I couldn't feel them, but I could hear muffled shuffling sounds that matched the tempo of my attempted movement. This lasted for a period of time that I cannot measure, as I was alone and blinded. Then I ceased to hear anything. Even as I was still trying to kick my legs, like I had done before, not even the muffled sound of movement could be heard.

I cannot tell if the words I speak are being heard by anyone. I keep talking, though I can no longer see, hear, or feel anything. I do not know how my body is surviving, as I have not consumed food or have knowledge of any other bodily functions. As I think of what has changed, I cannot imagine anything other than absolute terror. Though, in this now totally silent existence, I feel at peace. My memory is intact. I remember things I thought I had once forgotten. The sorrows and joys are there in my memory, but I do not feel emotions now. I repeat these words, not knowing if anyone will hear. Not knowing if any sound is coming from my mouth. Not having any proof I still have a mouth. If anyone can hear me, I have no desires or sense of purpose. If you hear me, I have no way of knowing. If the words i'm trying to speak are not coming from my lips, there is no other signal I can give. I do not know where I am, and have nowhere to be or any means of navigation. I keep talking because it is the only thing I have to do, other than remember experiences from my past, and wonder at the last thing I saw.

When I had my hands on the rail, I slid the panel open to reveal what was outside. The view is normally blocked to not bother those who are asleep. At this moment, no one else was around and I was feeling restless. I would have liked to walk and stretch my legs. I would have liked to make love. I would have liked to be finished with my journey and back home with the information I had already collected. Outside the window I could see a vast distance. At first I was not sure what I was looking at. It looked strangely familiar, but not something I could give a name to.