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All instrumental aural experiments with electronic patterns and analog chaos by Matt Frantz, created using: electric guitars by Ibanez and Schecter, with Alumitone and Sustainiac pickups, eBow, Vibesware guitar resonator, and Fishman TriplePlay MIDI pickup. Yamaha fretted, and fretless bass guitars, Stagg upright electric double bass, lapsteel designed and constructed by Matt Frantz, Korg Kaossilator, electronic percussion, keyboard MIDI controllers, Numark DJ controller, virtual instruments and software effects by Apple, Brainworx, Cableguys, HOFA, Izotope, Joey Sturgis Tones, MeldaProduction, Native Instruments, Sugarbytes, Toontrack, and Waves. Special thanks to Vladislav Goncharov for Limiter No6 and Alex Hilton for A1StereoControl and A1TriggerGate.


1. Transient Voltage [5:48] PLAY 30 SECOND SAMPLE

2. Psychotica [3:33] PLAY 30 SECOND SAMPLE

3. Mysterious and Hostile Forces [5:39] PLAY 30 SECOND SAMPLE

4. Fracturizer [6:08] PLAY 30 SECOND SAMPLE

5. Drifting Towards the Unknown [2:16] PLAY 30 SECOND SAMPLE

6. Ghosts In The Cavern [5:28] PLAY 30 SECOND SAMPLE

7. Between the Rising Ocean and the Collapsing Sky [4:23] PLAY 30 SECOND SAMPLE

8. Devastated Landscape [7:19] PLAY 30 SECOND SAMPLE

9. The Lamentations of the New Era (spoken by Caden Vaughn Clegg) [5:33] PLAY 30 SECOND SAMPLE


The monuments which were once hailed as a testament to the greatness of man now function only as evidence of failure. Failure to contain the forces of nature and failure to restrain our own nature. Unbreakable, unsinkable, unthinkable. Failure to foresee. Each chance to correct the path, each chance to prepare our souls. Forsaken.

Languages invented and forgotten. Atoms smashed to unlock mysteries. Machines sent into the heavens to transmit and receive. All the collected wisdom and all the discoveries cannot help us close the chasm to the nearest star. Our isolation, our purpose; our rational minds are still unable to know.

Layers of fossils tell stories of mass extinctions. Craters are a shrine to attacks on the ancient earth. Yet, the Collective toils for accumulation of wealth. As the seas rise and fall, as radiation leaks, as pestilence grows immune to our poison. The strategies of the elite further the gap between the master and the slave. Starving bodies labor for diamonds and gold so that we may adorn our bodies.

The persistence of violence cannot be denied. We are powerless to stop tectonic plates from colliding within our inheritance. Nor can we stop the wind, or the flood, or the drought. The very dust we are made of comes from stars that could not defend against gravity. Emptiness separates the galaxies as the universe expands the spaces in between. These are the lamentations of the new era. Patterns emerge in every cycle of origins and endings. Life gives way to death and death gives way to life again. It is for all these reasons that we must accept the grave.